• Personalised Christmas Sacks
    Every time a sack’s stitched,
    Santa gets a mince pie.
  • Personalised Christmas stockings
    Wool is Christmas tradition.
    Polyester makes Rudolph itch.
  • Hand crafted santa sack made from luxury faux fur and soft merino wool
    Hand-stitched of course.
    What else would the elves do?
  • Hand made personalisation on super sack Christmas and a big Christmas sack
    Santa’s gifts are unique to every child. Otherwise, where’s the magic?
  • Christmas stocking holders forged iron hand made artisan hooks
    Just like Santa on Xmas Eve, we don’t believe in shortcuts.

A message from Mrs Claus

Do you still believe in Christmas? Really believe, like when you were a child? No, you probably don’t. Modern living has a way of beating the joy of Christmas out of you, what with mass-produced thoughtlessness and love made in China. 

But my dears don’t fret, because at Santa’s Little Workshop, the elves and myself are here to bring the joy back. We help to keep the traditions of Christmas alive, such as butterflies in your tummy, squeals with delight and belief in Santa, through our passion for creating hand-stitched, highly crafted objects of beauty. 

See the magic in every stitch, our signature touches, soft merino wool, huggable ivory faux fur, limited editions and elven craftsmanship. 

Now run to your nearest garden fence, find a robin, look it in the eye and whisper, I believe.

Best Christmas wishes all year-round,

Mrs Claus xx

High-quality craft making, approved by Mrs Claus.


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