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Own a little piece of Santa

All our stockings and sacks are crafted from the same deluxe materials we use to make my husband’s suits. And boy, let me tell you how fussy he is about those! Of course he wears the suits every day, and for twenty-four hours in a row on Christmas Eve, so it’s not surprising that he wants them to be as comfortable and as luxurious as possible. 

After making us try as many different materials as possible (and really getting on my baubles I must admit), Santa chose the ones we still use today – the softest merino wool, the most huggable ivory faux fur and the richest cotton lining – to keep him warm and cosy on his long night in the sleigh. 

So when you own one of our Christmas stockings or sacks, it’s like you’ve got a bit of Santa in your home. 

We created the window displays for Selfridges in 2008, in Santa’s honour, and since then we’ve crafted his suits at the little workshop, and also still make the costumes for the Selfridges Santas – my husband calls these other Santas imposters (in a friendly way I think, as there’s always a ‘ho, ho, ho’ afterwards).

Pearly Santa Claus costume at Selfridges London

Photo by Alberto Romano

Selfridges Pearly Buttons Santa Claus Costume

Photo by Alberto Romano

Selfridges Christmas windows 2017

Santa and Mrs Claus in Selfridges with the elves

Photo by Alberto Romano

Santa at the launderette

Santa riding a moped

Santa hanging the laundry

Latest costumes worn by Selfridges Santa and his elf inside the store

Selfridges Santa and elf inside at Selfridges

Selfridges Santa and his elf worn in the store

Selfridges Christmas store with Santa and Elf