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Christmas hats handmade to withstand the stratosphere


Our hand-stitched Christmas hats will definitely keep you warm on a winter’s day or night, whether you’re skating with your little ones, or on a festive pub-crawl. After all, they’re made from the very same luxurious materials we use to make Santa’s suits. The soft merino wool, huggable ivory faux fur and rich cotton lining keep Santa warm and cosy for 6 hours right up in the stratosphere on a chilly night.

We tailor the hats in small, medium and large – small being suitable for children, and large for those with big heads – like my husband. Well, he’s always so pleased with himself after finishing work on time on Christmas morning.

Christmas hats handmade to withstand the stratosphere


Luxury Santa Christmas hat handmade from the softest merino wool and huggable faux fur, perfect for the Winter weather or Christmas parties
Luxury Christmas Hat

86 reviews
Luxury Velvet Santa hat made with white faux fur
Save 15%
Velvet Santa Hat

24 reviews
$7200 $8500
Save 15%
Grey Faux Fur Santa Hat

6 reviews
From $7700 $9100
Save 15%
Black Faux Fur Santa Hat

4 reviews
From $7700 $9100
Save 20%
Christmas Tartan Santa Hat Grey Faux Fur

1 review
From $9400 $11700
Save 15%
Velvet Santa Hat - Beige/Ivory Faux Fur

18 reviews
From $7200 $8500