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Handmade hooks and enchanted horseshoes

What better way to hang up your stockings and sacks on Christmas Eve than with a magical forged iron hook? The same artisan blacksmith who makes the flying horseshoes for the reindeer every Christmas Eve, forges these objects of fine craftsmanship using traditional methods and a sprinkle of enchantment. He hand-finishes each one with a metal brush, then seals them with natural beeswax.

They’re perfect for hanging your stockings and sacks on fireplaces, mantelpieces or shelves.

Choose from 3 designs: the decorative spiral hook, the mantel hook and the classic S hook. 

Forged iron handmade artisan hooks to hang stocking on the mantelpiece


Handmade Forged Iron Christmas Stocking hook suitable for hanging on a fireplace or mantlepiece
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This classic forged iron Hook is ideal to hang your Christmas Stocking.
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